Appwork ist a small portable C++ framework to build desktop applications platform independent.

Implementing the model-view-controller concept, it provides foundation classes (like string, list, data and file), easy-to-use object graph serialisation and tunable memory management. It contains all the objects needed to implement a graphical, event-driven user interface: windows, buttons, menus, scrollers, text fields and so on. It speeds up application development by giving abstract superclasses for the application, it's documents and other objects of the controller level.

The ideas of Appwork's classes are rooting in OpenStep and following it's prooven concepts. As many of Appwork's objects are simple wrappers for objects which are provided by the particular system, it's is very thin and fast.

Developers can use their favorite development environments and may use Apple's to create the graphical user interfaces.

Appwork will be available for MacOS 8 and 9, MaxOS X (Server), OpenStep 4.2, Windows 95, 98 , NT and 2000, and may be ported to some other platforms in the future.


Reference: AppworkRef.pdf.sit (V1.0b9.4, 224 kB, requires AcrobatReader 4.0)

Macintosh-Version: AppworkDemo.sit (V1.0b9.4, 280 kB, requires Carbon 1.1a4 to run and CodeWarrior 4.0 or later to compile)